What is 3DSecure?

What is 3DSecure?

Give customers even more confidence and control of their online security, with 3D Secure

What is 3D Secure

Electronic retailers face special challenges in accepting credit cards for payment. You can't obtain and validate a customer's signature, nor can you record the contents of the magnetic stripe on the card. Now there is a way to validate that a cardholder is authorised to use the card and qualify the transaction for a guaranteed payment that protects against cardholder unauthorised charge backs.

3D Secure is a service that will let your customer use a personal password with their Visa and MasterCard credit cards (similar to the PIN used with their ATM cards), giving them added assurance that only they can use their credit cards to make purchases over the Internet, with participating merchants. This will give cardholders and merchants greater confidence in online credit card transactions. The cardholder is ensured control over card use for online purchases and will be more confident shopping with you. And because the Card Issuer authenticates the cardholder, you are assured that the cardholder is who he says he is, reducing fraud and disputes significantly.

DirectOne now offers the option of a single service to facilitate both the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure) solutions.

How does it work

  1. After a cardholder enters his Card number on the DirectOne Hosted Payment Page, DirectOne system connects with his/her Card Issuer (card issuing bank) to check if his/her Card is enrolled in 3D Secure schemes.
  2. If the card has been enrolled, DirectOne system will present a password page generated by the card issuing bank.
  3. Your customer then enters his/her password and his/her issuer returns confirmation of the cardholder's identity to DirectOne.
  4. If the cardholder is authenticated, DirectOne proceeds with the financial transaction, and you may process the order as normal.

Additional Information

Find out more about Verified by Visa program hereView a MasterCard SecureCode online shopping demo here

Please Note
  • Payer Authentication features are supported only by DirectOne Hosted Payment Page.
  • Payer Authentication feature may incur an additional annual fee in addition to DirectOne pricing. Please have a look at our pricing page for more information.

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