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We have all heard the buzz-words, enewsletters, ezines, email campaigning, click-thru tracking & email marketing. Trendy, modern-day jargon now utilised in every Internet Marketing guide, handbook, online course, seminar, webinar and podcast the world over.

And then there is the internet cringe-words like spam, virus, chain-mail and those dreaded mailing lists you can never get off despite not ever remembering that you subscribed in the first place!

If you want to grab hold of the good, leave behind the bad, and focus on the needs of your customers and in establishing a constant means of contact with them, then Mailchimp is the key to truly harnessing the power of the word wide web.

So exactly what is an ‘eNewsletter’?

  • Corporate/business-branded form of electronic communication forwarded to existing subscribers for the sole purpose of providing them with regular information, news and offers about your business, products and services.
  • A non-intrusive means of reminding your clients about who you are, what you offer and how you can ultimately fulfil their needs, wants and expectations.
  • A sincere means of going that extra mile to forge long-term, mutually-valuable relationships with clients whom will (you hope) trust and respect your business.
  • A highly effective marketing avenue that demands your attention to do professionally and properly, because if a customer opts-out, with them goes your electronic presence in their lives and the prospect of them referring people to you by forwarding your eNewsletter on. It might be hard to get a client, but it can be very easy to loose them – keep that in mind when preparing your newsletters.

What makes Mailchimp the ultimate in email marketing?

  • Control Panel: Secure, web-based control panel for eNewsletter creation and publishing from anywhere in the world!
  • WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor: No knowledge of HTML/programming required.
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists: ideal for separating ‘Sales’ and ‘Support’ and ‘Special Event’ mail-outs
  • Tracking, Reporting & Statistics: analysis the success of a mail-out to better understand your business (where its at, and where it needs to be) and the needs of your customers (what they want, and don’t want)
  • Flexible plans: as your business grows, and you send out more email, only then do you progress to the next plan. Why pay for what you don’t need.

What benefits can email campaigning via Mailchimp provide to your business?

  • to strengthen existing customer relations
  • to increase customer confidence in your business, products, services and support
  • to generate additional referrals and leads as recipient forward your eNewsletter on
  • to increase sales enquiries, and actual product/service turnover
  • to expand client base through additional subscriptions and product/service uptake
  • to identify popular products/services
  • to determine success of different marketing campaigns eg specials, offers, discounts, special events etc.
  • to provide a better understanding of the type of customer your business attracts
  • to promote your business nationally, even internationally as the internet has no borders
    and so much more ...

How easy is it to get started?

Its literally as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Go to http://www.mailchimp.com and create a user account
  2. Import your existing mailing list into Mailchimp
  3. Create a template, ready to commence your email campaigns with

The good news is, if you need a hand at any point we are here to help! We can assist you to sign-up, import your existing subscribers, create templates using the pre-designed ones from Mailchimp as a starting point, or creating a custom Mailchimp template from scratch.

With years of Mailchimp experience, we can assist through the entire process, start to finish, or only in areas where you get stuck - as little or as much help as you need!

What else should you consider when undertaking email campaigning?

Content Creation

If we have created a master template for you, sending out newsletters is a simply matter of information and image collation. But be sure to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Make it interesting
  • Be concise - You only have a few moments to keep your viewers attention, so keep to the point
  • Be PC - politically correct
  • Do a grammar and spelling check
  • Always do a test email to yourself prior to sending to the mailing list

Mailing out to the masses

A bit of trivia: Studies have shown that the best results come from newsletters send out on a Tuesday or Wednesday, before lunchtime.

Think of your subscribers and try to ensure to be:

  • Consistent & Reliable - If you have stated ‘daily, weekly, monthly’ newsletter distribution, ensure you stick to it. If you said ‘1st of the month’ or ‘Every Monday’ etc. then you must do the mail-out in time to keep those timeframes.
  • Organised: - Be prepared to effectively handle the delivery of time-sensitive mail-outs. If you have a coupon special that is going to expire on midnight, 30th September 2008, make sure you get your newsletter promote of that special out well in advance of the offer deadline.

View the Results

Don’t do your business nor your customers the disservice of hitting ‘send’ and hoping for the best.

Mailchimp provides you all the necessary tools to determine the success of each newsletter including response/click-thru rate, bounce rate, opt-ins and opt-outs shortly following a mail-out etc. Take the time to learn about what is and isn't working for you, what your customers are interested in.

Mailchimp have built the ideal email campaigning solution - all you have to do is take advantage of its features and let your customers and business reap the rewards!


Mailchimp Integration Module
Leverage the powerful MailChimp e-mail marketing system with this add-on that syncs subscriber data and allows for targeted and easy-to-manage lists.
Price: $0.00

Mailchimp Standard Template Creation

Let us create get you started with a default template on your existing Mailchimp account!

Price: $260.00

Mailchimp Custom Template Creation

We will utilise your existing Mailchimp account and take your store's 'look and feel' into Mailchimp and develop a customised template - just for you!

Price: $400.00

Mailchimp Patch

Mailchimp Integration Module patch.

Price: $88.00

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