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Point of Sale (POS system) for X-Cart 4

Point of Sale (POS system) for X-Cart 4




POS system: Reach new markets with X-Cart. One web-based system to manage your retail store and your website

Key features

  • Single web interface

    Add a new product to the database and decide whether it should be available in the online storefront, or if you want to sell it in your retail store only, or in both.
  • Accept payments, print receipts and barcode labels

    Works with popular and affordable hardware - that you probably already have. If not, you can easily purchase it.
  • Full access for the store administrator, additional "POS operator" user role for staff

    Operator's permissions may be limited to accepting orders from visitors shopping at your POS location: Add items to cart by scanning their barcode labels, place and process the order, print a receipt
  • Works with barcodes

    Generate the barcode within the store interface, print it and stick, or scan the existing barcode the manufacturer printed
  • Find the products instantly

    Scan the barcode label to find the product and add it to cart, or update inventory, or modify the product properties.

User manual | System Requirements | Hardware is NOT included

Access to module upgrades

The price includes a lifetime module license plus one year of free access to module upgrades. After the 1st year annual license prolongation is required to get access to the module upgrades.
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