f-Commerce Go

f-Commerce Go

Version:from X-Cart v4.4.0 to v4.5.2



Integrate X-Cart with your Facebook business page quickly and easily. Add X-Cart to your Facebook pages and multiply your sales using Facebook as a sales channel.


Shopping right from Facebook – how awesome is that? Increase your sales base by letting visitors to your Facebook page add products to their cart directly from Facebook, then put the power of social media to work as customers share recommendations and purchases that attract more customers!

Key Features

  • Full catalog: No special canvas page or redirecting: your entire inventory shows up in a tab of your Facebook page and can be accessed from multiple Facebook pages.
  • Sales statistics: Facebook sales are clearly marked in your store admin area for easy tracking.
  • One-stop management: No more multiple admin areas! Customers shop on Facebook and checkout through the web storefront, and both Facebook and store catalogs are managed in the store admin area.
  • Free for Basic version. 30-day free trial period for Silver!

Additional features vary based on version; see chart below:


f-Commerce Go Basic

f-Commerce Go Silver

  • Catalog shown in tab
  • Featured products listing
  • Full store stock
  • Product search feature
  • "Add to cart" feature and mini-cart functionality
  • Tracking for Facebook orders
  • "Like" and "Send" buttons for all products Facebook catalog
  • Product detail page with detailed images, product options and more
  • Bestsellers listing
  • WYSIWYG editor to put custom HTML text on shop start page
  • Taxes, SpecialOffers, ExtraFields available for Facebook catalog
- -
  • Attribution
"Powered by f-Commerce Go" in tab -
  • Pricing (1-year subscription)
Free$299.00 p.a.



Type the characters you see in the picture:

X-Root Categories
Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-Cart
Afterpay for X-Cart 4
Travel Charge (per hour)
X-Root CategoriesCustom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-CartAfterpay for X-Cart 4Travel Charge (per hour)
.com.au domain
High Fashion Template
X-Cart Add-on module installation
X-Cart Gold (XC4)
.com.au domainHigh Fashion TemplateX-Cart Add-on module installationX-Cart Gold (XC4)

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