Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll

Version:from X-Cart v4.3.x



SEO friendly, quick, trendy Ajax-based add-on which replaces boring pagination with Facebook-wall-like infinite scrolling to the pages of your X-Cart store. When you get to the bottom of the page it automatically loads more products.

In addition to stylish and convenient scrolling, it uses an adaptive number of products per line depending on monitor width -whatever display your customers use, standard or widescreen, the module will adjust the products list accordingly. 3 columns style is left in the past, use every inch of the customer’s monitor, display 4,5,6 - as many as possible - products per row.

Page speed - your customers no longer need to reload the entire page every time. Now that only the products are loaded (via Ajax), you save customer’s time. The faster the site, the better user experience, the more sales!

Key features:

  • Improves load time: Retains visitors on one page, allowing them to view lots of content without a page refresh.
  • Products scrolling for 4 lists: You can enable the functionality for search results page, category products page, manufacturer products, featured products ( each type of pages is managed individually).
  • Pagination type selector: The customers may still switch to standard pagination they’re used to - via ‘display mode’ selector ( which can be hidden by the admin at all, though).
  • Convenient back to top: ‘Back to top’ button in the bottom right corner for quick jump to the top of the page - tiny but so essential detail!
  • Adaptive products list: Whatever display your customers use, standard or widescreen, the module will adjust the products list accordingly.
  • SEO-friendly and quick
  • iPhone / iPad compatible

    Looking for a specific feature not listed above or your X-Cart version is not supported? Please contact us.
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