SecureFrame Features

SecureFrame Features

SecureFrame is a fully featured payment gateway that makes taking real-time, secure credit card payments from any bank easier, being the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to complete VISA International's compliance program for securing transaction and client information. The VISA Account Information Security Audit will soon be mandatory for all companies processing transactions online.

More than just “a gateway”, SecureFrame provides all the necessary components of a credit card transaction system that allows you to sell what you want for the prices you want whilst allowing any business, regardless of web site hosting, mobile phone carrier or banking arrangements within Australia, to securely process credit card transactions.

Read the full list of DirectOne features below, and if you want to get started or need some more advice, don't hesitate to contact us or download the application form here >>



The SecureFrame hosted payment page system gives you a high level of control over look and feel. Upload your company logo and page background images, change colours, fonts and table border and spacing values. The result - a better customer experience given your corporate identity it visible the entire way through the order process, from your website, through to the externally hosted payments page.


3D Secure

SecureFrame is one of the first Australian Payment Solution Providers to implement the Payer Authentication system, providing businesses and customers the latest in credit card security and fraud prevention.

3D Secure allows your customers to use a personal password with their Visa and MasterCard credit cards (similar to the PIN used with their ATM cards), giving them added assurance that only they can use their credit cards to make purchases over the Internet, with participating merchants. This will give cardholders and merchants greater confidence in online credit card transactions. The cardholder is ensured control over card use for online purchases and will be more confident shopping with you. And because the Card Issuer authenticates the cardholder, you are assured that the cardholder is who he says he is, reducing fraud and disputes significantly.

SecureFrame Payment Solutions has successfully completed the Visa Account Information Security (AIS) validation process to demonstrate compliance with the Visa Global AIS program. The AIS program defines security standards and industry best practices to protect sensitive data such as credit card account information and other transaction and personal details. Adherence to these standards will minimise the possibility of data compromise.

Click here to find out more about 3DSecure >>

PCI DSS Certified

SecureFrame is fully PCI DSS accredited. Each year, SecurePay is audited onsite to ensure compliance with the latest PCI standards. PCI DSS defines security standards and industry best practices to protect credit card account information. Adherence to these standards will minimise the possibility of data compromise.

Credit Card Verification Value

SecureFrame supports Credit Card Verification Value (CVV) checking for credit card payments. Find out about Credit Card Verification Value. This checking will provide an additional level of fraud protection for your credit card payments. By asking your customers to enter the CVV, you increase the likelihood that they are holding the card used for the transaction, thereby reducing the chance of fraud. f information.

256-Bit SSL

SecureFrame provides you with full 256-bit SSL browser encryption via our own Secure Certificate. This means that all credit card information, payment retrieval and all account tools are fully secured at all times. You do not have to provide your own certificate or worry whether your web hosting company charges you extra for setting this service up.

Credit Card Number Security

SecureFrame never stores the credit card numbers. This means that should someone gain access to our system, you client's credit card numbers can never be stolen. SecureFrame passes transaction information directly to the bank for processing.


SecureFrame saves you the following costs:

  • Finding a hosting company that will let you install and configure gateway software
  • Interfacing your web site with your secure payments gateway ($1500 - $6000 depending on complexity and provider)
  • Satisfying the banks requirements for taking secure payments over the Internet


Hosting Independent

This means that you can host your web site anywhere in the world and still use SecureFrame. Independence also allows you to change your hosting at any time without affecting your on-line payments.

Platform Independence

Your SecureFrame account is accessed using standard web programming code (HTML). This means that setting up your on-line store to take secure payments is easy and can be performed by any web programmer. You can have your on-line store written in any language you like, because the payments sent to your account at SecureFrame is independent of all languages and hosting platforms (UNIX, Windows NT, etc.). This also means that nearly any shopping cart can be easily modified to work with SecureFrame.

Bank Independence

SecureFrame is not a bank but works with the majority of Australian banks. This means that you can continually shop around for the best merchant service fee and still use your existing SecureFrame account. This ability to choose is a fundamental principle of the SecureFrame system and we continue to talk to banks and other financial institutions regarding Internet payments and fees.

Full Online Reporting

SecureFrame provides customisable reporting formats for all payment information collected by your account. You can choose to have information collated and emailed to you at regular intervals as well as choosing how you wish to view data on-line. SecureFrame recognises that different businesses have different accounting needs and therefore provides a reporting system that can be tailored to individual requirements.

Online Refund facility

SecureFrame system will allow the merchant to refund a transaction online via their own secure member’s section, ensuring that only an authorised person is allowed to refund a transaction by asking the merchant to login using the account name, admin password and PIN.

Unrestricted Products

There is no limit to the number of products you sell or the prices that you charge. All product information is passed to SecureFrame from your businesses web site. This means that you are in total control over your inventory and do not need to inform SecureFrame when you make product or price changes.





Securepay "SecureFrame for X-Cart" Integration

SecurePay SecureFrame integration for X-Cart

Price: $299.00

WARNING: Fake Just X-Cart Email

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