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Upgrading your X-Cart

Upgrading your X-Cart

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If you are an existing X-Cart owner with an older store, looking to upgrade, look no further - Just X-Cart Australia are here to assist. Before we can provide you with an accurate quote however we will need you to provide the following via email, ideally on a single Word document. This document will enable us to discuss your project, make suggestions, and ultimately give you a detailed quote and timeframe for your project with us.

Once you have prepared your detailed project brief for us, please forward the brief and all associated files, fonts, graphics etc to support@justxcart.com.au


  • Will you be keeping the existing design? If so, please forward PSD or raw design files for us to view
  • If not, please advise further on the new design


Please list all existing modifications that you wish to have brought into the new version including:

  • provide examples of where we can see them in action
  • full explanation of how they work


Please list individually any new modifications/customisations you want done to the new store including:

  • provide full explanation of how it works
  • ideally provide example live somewhere to see it in action


Please list all existing modules that are installed on your current cart that are to be brought into the new version including:

  • name of module
  • module company you got it from


Please list all new modules you would like to have applied to the new site including:

  • name of module
  • mod company where you saw it including URL to it



Please advise us about anything search engine related including:

  • Do you have an SEO module on your site to create custom URLs/meta data? If so, would you like a quote to convert that data over to the inbuilt SEO module in X-Cart call "Clean URLs"
  • Do you have existing Google rankings/URLs that you need to preserve?
  • Do you have Google analytics, or Google Webmaster tools-related code or files on your current site?
  • Do you have any other tracking code, or web analysis code on your current site you wish to bring over to the new site?



Please confirm that you want to bring over the existing database 'as is' so that it the one running on the new live site

Note: We ask because some people just like to bring over customers/orders, subscribers or only parts of data etc.


  • Do you have a blog/wordpress? If so, do you wish to continue running that, or look at alternate options?


Only the information supplied will form the basis of the quote we provide. For this reason we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be completely detailed in providing us information about your existing site so that nothing is left out, or left behind when your site is upgraded.

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