Web Hosting/Server Move Special

Web Hosting/Server Move Special

Normal Price:$199.00


Store Size:
Extra Files/Database
  • Server Move Service ... 50% off *
    * provided your existing hosting is fully accessible and all tools required to undertake the server move are fully functional otherwise full fees will apply.

    Store Size:
    - Up to 2G: RRP $199.00 ... Special $  99.50
    - 2G to 4G: RRP $249.00 ... Special $124.50
    - Over 4G: RRP $299.00 ... Special $149.50
  • First Month Hosting free
    You will be invoiced at the end of the first month on the plan sufficient for your resource requirements
  • Complimentary cPanel SSL 
    or you can buy your own Comodo dedicated SSL for $35 pa
  • Complimentary Security Check
    Upon your X-Cart site coming over to our servers we will do a courtesy security check which includes running our Exploit Scanner over your files and one of our techs will perform a free security patch check and determine if your blowfish key needs regenerating. We will provide you a report of these items so you can make an informed decision to protect your X-Cart even more (if applicable). 


This service includes doing a complete copy and transfer of all files and database associated with your X-Cart shopping cart only. Basic functionality tests will also be performed to ensure your store is fully operational once the move has been done.

This service pertains to moving a single X-Cart site only (files and database). Should you have additional data, databases etc to be moved please add under the "More Information" section - cost is per files/database set.

This service and associated cost does not include moving a dedicated SSL nor any other files of software from existing to new hosting space except those related to your X-Cart.

This service does not include migration of your email accounts or emails. You will be provided detailed instructions on the process regarding this however.

Preparing for migration to a new hosting account

  • Existing and new hosting account access: Upon receipt of your processed order, you will be contacted via email and will be asked to complete a form that will provide all the necessary we need to both existing and new hosting accounts to get your task done.
  • Redelegating your domain: We ensure that you are fully prepared prior to redelegating your domain, including creation of all existing email accounts and aliases on the new servers, stepped instructions on how to change incoming mail server details (if required) so you can continue to collect your mail upon DNS switch over, provision of a detailed email with all new access information to your X-Cart, email and web hosting control panels and webmail and overall support and assistance during the transition phase.

The server move DOES NOT include moving over of existing email accounts from the old to new server. We will recreate your existing ones so that when the redelegation of your domain takes place your emails will recommence working on our server however any mail left behind on the old server is the clients responsiblity to obtain from their previous host.

You will get the first month free. You will then receive a quarterly invoice from The Web Factory for your hosting.

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X-Social Login module for X-Cart
Mailchimp Integration Module
Product Notifications module
Pop-up Anywhere
X-Social Login module for X-CartMailchimp Integration ModuleProduct Notifications modulePop-up Anywhere
.school.nz domain
Custom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-Cart
Zip Pay for X-Cart 4
FREE X-Cart Patch Check
.school.nz domainCustom Dynamic Search Engine Optimization (CDSEO) Pro for X-CartZip Pay for X-Cart 4FREE X-Cart Patch Check

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