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Why Choose X-Cart?

With thousands of eCommerce solutions on the market, what makes X-Cart stand out from the crowd? With over 100+ features built into X-Cart software, we have selected a mere 12 to give you an insight into this powerful eCommerce product.

For the complete list of X-Cart features, please click here >>

  1. One-time only fee

    You purchase the software and its yours. No on-going monthly expense like many other eCommerce software products on the market. You can also host the software anywhere you want however we strongly recommend you ensure that your hosting provider meets all system requirements needed to efficiently and securely run your cart. Click here to view those system requirements >>
  2. Mobile ready

    Not only does the default cart render suitably on most smart phones and tablets out-of-the-box, but X-Cart have now done one better with their X-Mobile application - view details >>
  3. Shopper-friendly

    The out-of-the-box software is very user friendly making it a simply process for shoppers to find what they want easily and quickly. Whether it be browsing through product categories, doing basic or advanced searches for products, viewing ‘featured products’, reading information pages or logging into their own members area to view orders history, wish-lists or to modify personal details, X-Cart offers a fantastic shopper experience.

    When customers are viewing your products, they can easily see additional options such as colours and sizes, that when selected can change automatically cause on-screen image to change. Pricing can also change upon option selection if required and you can offer ability for shoppers to see additional enlarged images of the product. In addition, you can list recommended products under each product with the added default, in-built functionalities such as ‘send to friend’ and ‘printer friendly’ option on all product pages in the cart.

    The entire order process is seamless from start to finish, from adding items to cart, seeing details via the mini-cart whilst continuing to browse and then going to the checkout - its as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

    1. Enter your personal details and shipping address
    2. Select a payment method
    3. Confirm the order.

    An on-screen invoice is displayed, with ability to print with the click of a button in addition to that same invoice being automatically forwarded to the shoppers nominated email address.

    Shoppers can also subscribe for your newsletter using X-Cart in-built News management system – this system is the ideal way of easily keeping in contact with subscribers and shoppers from your site.
  4. Highly flexible

    The out-of-the-box product is feature-rich and highly functional however that’s just the beginning. Have your X-Cart looking and behaving exactly how you want it to.

    You can achieve the look you want for your store by using one of our free pre-designed templates, buying graphic prototypes or have your own custom design integrated.

    There are dozens of modules you can easily integrate into the software itself for even more functionality – click here to view our range of modules >>

    X-Cart can be modified almost every way possible, only limited by your imagination.
  5. Comprehensive management systems

    X-Cart recognises that an online store should have the same ability to be managed as would a shop at a physical location, with the additional benefits and features that only the internet-based shopping can bring.

    The web-based administration area for X-Cart is exceptionally easy to navigate and manage. X-Cart comes build in with complete:

    - Order Management (manage all invoices from a single location)
    - Product Management (add/delete/modify easily and quickly, including downloadable items)
    - User Management (view registered members)
    - News Management (display news in-cart with ability to send out newsletter to automated mailing list.
       For comprehensive email campaigning, we also recommend Mailchimp)
    - Inventory Management

    In addition, you can easily set up:
    - membership groups
    - multiple pricing levels
    - discounting
    - voucher/coupon offers
    - send out gift certificates
    - prepare and display information pages using the WYSIWUG editor (What You See Is What You Get).

    Managing your online business has never been so easy.
  6. Fully automated invoicing and email notification system

    X-Cart is highly automated. Email notifications are automatically generated upon each stage of the order process, when new members register and upon newsletter subscription.

    You can customise each of the email notifications to suit your needs including display of your company logo.
  7. Shipping

    The ability to set-up multiple shipping options including by destination zones, flat rate, weight/rate, also and set-up ‘shipping fees per product’. You can also offer multiple delivery methods ie Australia Post, Courier, pick-up. You can flag specific items eligible for ‘free shipping’.

  8. Payment Options

    X-Cart comes in-build with almost a dozen pre-defined payment methods (money order, COD, purchase order, direct deposit, cheque, phone and fax ordering to name a few) and the ability to enable numerous types of payment gateways including Paypal, eWay and Australian and overseas payment gateways, all at the click of a button. For more information about payment gateway options that we recommend, please click here >>

  9. Security

    You need to know your online business is safe and secure. X-Cart assists this in numerous ways including:

    - minimising your PCI DSS obligations given no ability to process credit cards in-cart (external gateways only available*)
      * X-Payments add-on is available however we recommend externally hosted/3rd party payment pages
    - password-protected admin area including provision to enable IP-based protection
    - ability to turn on HTTPS/encryption (via shared SSL or your own) during registration and checkout processes
    - blowfish key encryption of database
    - ability to deploy ‘image verification’ to protect registration and email forms within the site from being spammed
    - in-built provision to add suspect customer IP numbers to a ‘Stop List’, thus preventing them from placing orders
    - automatic email notification is sent to you should someone try to access secure areas and entering incorrect logins
    To view all security measures that come in-built into X-Cart software, please click here >>

    You can also utilise a shared SSL certificate (we provide one, as do many hosts), or get a dedicated certificate of your own.
    Click here for more information about having your own dedicated SSL on your site >>
  10. Software and support here for the long-term

    X-Cart is constantly evolving - X-Cart software is regularly updated and you are provided access to those new versions for the life of your licence. Further to this X-Cart provide security patches as soon as they become aware of any vulnerabilities - again, these are free. If you are unable to apply the patches or upgrade your store yourself, we are happy to assist - just contact us.

    You have numerous avenues for continued support of your X-Cart store via our helpdesk, online knowlegebase and the X-Cart Forum. We can offer maintenance/management of your site, whether it be on an ‘as required’ or on-going basis. We are here to assist you every step of the way to ensure your online business is a success!

But don't just take our word for it - read what our clients have to say >>

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