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X-Cart Mobile (XC4) New 2016 Version

X-Cart Mobile (XC4) New 2016 Version

Version:from X-Cart 4.4.0


2016 free exchange:
Pre-2016 exchange:

Put your store in the palm of your customer’s hand — literally! — with this module that makes it a snap to make purchases from virtually any smartphone.


* If you have purchased this module already in 2016, exchange it for the new one for free! - select "Yes" from  "2016 free exhange" option.
* If you have purchased this module prior to 2016, get 50% off the price of the new one - select "Yes" from "Pre-2015 exchange" option.
* Select "Yes" for "Installation" if you want us to remove the old and add the new module to your site!

Expand your presence and your sales with this awesome module that seamlessly integrates your X-Cart with just about any mobile phone to create a virtual store that’s open whenever — and wherever — your customer wants.

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Google Requirements
  • Full storefront access: With X-Cart Mobile, your customers can view your entire store on their mobile devices, from the home page to the order confirmation page.
  • Beautiful AND functional: No one-column skin here — the specially — designed mobile storefront sports a sleek, modern look while making the web-based app oh-so-easy to use.
  • Automatic integration: The easy installation process integrates seamlessly without requiring changes to your existing store.
  • Multi-platform compatibility: X-Cart Mobile is compatible with most mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Bada, Palm webOS, Symbian and MeeGo.
  • A rainbow of colour choices: Use convenient jQuery ThemeRoller tool to easily change the mobile color scheme to match your original online store.
  • Secure checkout: Supports X-Payments for PCI compliant credit card checkout
  • Sales statistics: Mobile sales are clearly marked in your store admin area for easy tracking.
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