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X-Cart Platinum (XC4)

X-Cart Platinum (XC4)

The ideal solution for large businesses and multi-vendor shops!

Want a little bit more from X-Cart? X-Cart Platinum is your answer

X-Cart Platinum is an advanced edition of X-Cart Gold Plus software designed to be operated in multi-vendor mode (though it has the ability to operate in single-vendor mode as well). X-Cart Platinum allows multiple product providers (vendors) to share a single store for selling their products. Each provider manages his own products, orders, taxes, etc and is able to set their own shipping rates for pre-defined shipping methods independently of other providers.

X-Cart Platinum is perfect for:

  • Online store selling products from multiple suppliers.
  • Web-supermarket with several departments.
  • Online distributor/wholesaler.
  • Internet mall with joint catalog


X-Cart Platinum extends features of X-Cart Gold Plus by adding specific functionalities including:

Multi vendors

Multiple product providers (vendors) can share a single store for selling their own products

Separate Vendor Back-end/Admin

Each provider manages his/her own products and orders independently of other providers via his/her personal password-protected account

Separate Vendor Shipping & Rates

Each provider can set his/her own shipping and tax rates for pre-defined shipping methods and taxes

Product Wizard

Sell composite products with many interchangeable components eg computers, mobile phones etc. Customers can assemble final product step-by-step with the help of the product wizard.

Feature Comparison

Allow customers to search products by features and compare products of the same class

One Year Support

Our experienced engineers assist with the store setup and management, help to resolve problems, take care of patches application as well as consult on minor design changes and small modifications


Quick installation of X-Cart on to your hosting account, carried out by X-Cart professionals


X-Cart Platinum (XC4)
Multi-vendor environment, with a single checkout
Price: $2795.00

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