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X-Cart Support: Annual Subscription

X-Cart Support: Annual Subscription

Normal Price:$1440.00



Unlimited support for a low annual fee

Pay full annual payment in full by clicking "Add to Cart" above

Sign-up for our Paypal Subscription of this service. $120.00 will be automatically deducted each month x 12 instalments. Simply enter your domain
(and comments if applicable) and then click on 'Subscribe'. You will be taken to Paypal to make the first payment and activate the subscription service*




An example of the types of queries/issues we can assist with are as follows:

X-Cart Software-specific

  • something gone wrong with your cart whilst you were updating products, adding information etc
  • you made a small modification to your X-Cart code and now there are errors everywhere
  • you just are not sure on how to accomplish a specific task in the X-Cart admin area
  • we have marketing scheduled in for a specific date and must have specific changes done to the website by this time

Technical Issues

  • you are unable to access your website, and yet email is still working
  • I think I have deleted something I shouldn't when I FTP'd into my site
  • I've broken my cart!
  • our credit card payment gateway seems to have stopped working
  • I have just purchased a security certificate, and need it installed urgently
  • I think my email is blacklisted as I am getting bounce-backs!

Graphics-related Issues

  • I'm stuck editing an image - can you please do it for me?
  • I need to change an image associated with the cart template itself, but where do I find it
  • How do I insert an image into Mailchimp?


Once you have paid for the subscription support service, please post up all requests for assistance via our helpdesk. Just provide a brief summary of the issue with logins and we will get back to you ASAP.

* Annual subscriptions paid in full commence on the date of order and complete on the same date and month 1 year later - no automatic renewal applies.
* Paypal subscriptions run for a total of 12 months and are not auto-renewed thereafter. Given the generous discount offered ($80.00 per month less than if purchasing our month-by-month support), when purchasing a year of support on subscription early termination charges of $80.00 per month for each month paid will be applicable and immediately payable.

Type the characters you see in the picture:

.maori.nz domain
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