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Domain Services

Domain Services

Domain RedirectionDomain Redirection / URL Forwarding / Domain Park-n-Point

This service is ideal for a number of uses including:

Target Marketing

Point keyword-oriented domains to specific pages within your website for targeted marketing and promotional of specific products and services eg where a domain name www.mainproduct.com.au is directed to www.yoursite.com.au/mainproduct.html.

Multiple Domains, one website

To fully secure their business identify, a business my register the same domain, but with different extensions. For example their main domain might be www.companyname.com.au, but they may also have registered the .com, .net, info and .biz version so that no one else can utilise those domain names that could be mistaken for their company.

Given the fact that there are no restrictions on the use of .com, .net, .info and .biz domain name registration, securing all options available makes good business sense.

In conjunction with the domain itself, when hosting with us you do get email services including:

Email Addresses (POP/Alias)

You are able to create on your hosting account email addresses, either POP accounts or aliases, just like you would for your primary domain attached to your hosting account.

Catch-all Facility

This facility ensures that all email sent to @yourdomain.com.au is received even if someone makes a spelling error

correct email address - djones@yourdomain.com.au
misspelt email address - djone@yourdomain.com.au

With our catch-all facility, both email addresses would reach their intended destination.


Domain Redirection
Park-n-point additional domains to your primary one, or to sub-folders, or specific pages for targeted marketing.
Price: $19.95

WARNING: Fake Just X-Cart Email

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