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Terms & Conditions: Store Usage



Please view our Privacy Statement at: https://www.justxcart.com.au/privacy.html

We also utilise our own 128 bit dedicated SSL to encrypt all data provided by you through out cart on the registration and checkout pages.


We utilise the services of Paypal to enable immediate payment processing of online orders. We therefore, just prior to you making payment, forward you from our secure cart environment to the Paypal payment gateway. From this point until such time as you are returned to our site, having completed your payment, Paypal are responsible for the security of your information, including Paypal account information and credit card details should you provide them. We advise you please read their Terms of Use at: https://www.paypal.com/au/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/gen/ua/ua-outside

As such, with regards to fraudulent Paypal account use, or fraudulent credit card use, it will be at the discretion of Paypal as to actions taken in such instances. We reserve the right to withhold transfer of X-Cart licences until such time as the primary Paypal email address confirms back to us the legitimacy of any orders placed with us using their Paypal account as the method of payment. Upon order placement we will promptly make contact directly via email to the primary Paypal account to confirm authorisation to proceed with order processing. Until we receive reply to our email, from that primary Paypal email address, licences will not be transferred. This protects both the Paypal customer and us against fraudulent use of Paypal accounts.


We have provided you with a number of additional payment options including Direct Deposit/EFT, Money Order and Cheque. All required information to make payment via these methods has also been provided at the time of your selecting your preferred payment method. Please ensure to obtain the necessary information you need so that you can forward payment to us.

All payments must be provided with your Order ID referenced. If this is not the case, and we are not able to reasonably determine from whom the payment has been made, you order will remain unprocessed until you make further contact with us. It is imperative, therefore, that you ensure to reference your Order ID when making payment as we will not be responsible for orders not processed due to delays in determining cheques received, or bank deposits made from non-referenced customers.

All payments must be cleared in full prior to order details (products/services) being delivered.


You can subscribe to our newsletter at any time. Should you wish to “opt-out”, you can simply click on the link provided in all email newsletters we distribute, thus auto-unsubscribing you immediately.



Clients wishing to register a domain name through us must provide a list of preferred domain names and associated suffixes. Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd will undertake searches to determine the availability of each domain name proposed by the Client. Once a domain name proposed by the Client has been determined to be available for registration, the Client is contacted via email and the following is requested:

  • Confirmation in writing to commence registration of the domain name/s ensuring to specify the exact domain name/s the Client wishes to register
  • Full details including business name, ABN, contact name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address which will be used as the ‘Registrant details’ when registering the domain name
  • Immediate payment of the relevant domain name registration cost/s. Please Note: Unless otherwise arranged, domain name registration will not commence until full payment has been received and cleared in our bank account.

Upon provision of the above-mentioned the Client will be contacted via email to confirm that their information has been received and that Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd, on behalf of the Client, will undertake the registration process utilising the exact information provided by the Client.

From this point several things are accepted as a given by the Client including:

  • Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd will commence the registration of the domain name as efficiently as possible, however, as external parties are involved and ultimately relied upon to make official and complete registration of each domain name, at no time are we responsible for the time period taken to register a domain name.
  • Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd make no guarantee that the domain name/s requested by the client to be registered will in fact be approved for registration. If wanting to secure an ‘Australian-specific’ domain name eg .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .id.au, etc. you must meet strict eligibility criteria imposed by the auDA Registry who are the regulatory body for Australian domain names. It is at their discretion if the requested domain name is approved for registration or not. Likewise, all types of domain names eg .com, .net, .biz etc all have their own governing bodies whom make the final decision about your registration. Henceforth, the Client shall not hold liable, nor make claim against, Just X-Cart should the requested domain name/s be refused registration.
  • Depending on the type of domain name being registered, the registration process can take several days to complete. Once the domain name has been successfully registered, the Client is contacted via email and provided with this confirmation. The newly registered domain name will be registered, will be parked on our web servers and remain inactive awaiting further Client instructions.

Clients agree that they have read and fully understand, accept and agree to comply with, all terms and conditions associated with domain name registration and renewal as determined by each governing body responsible for each domain type eg AUDA for all Australian .au domains.

Further to this, we register and renew domains via Netregistry, Bottle Domains and Domain Central and we are bound, as are clients using our domain registration and renewal services, by all Netregistry, Bottle Domains and Domain Central domain-related Terms and Conditions.


Please view full hosting Terms & Conditions at: http://www.justxcart.com.au/terms.html

It is our aim to set up new hosting accounts and undertake required installations of same within 1 working day upon receipt of processed (paid for) order. Given we do work with external parties however, sometimes delays do occur that are beyond our control.

Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd shall not be held liable for delays in service provision.

We have sourced a huge range of software, modules and templates for the convenience of our clients. We acknowledge that we did not develop any of these ourselves.  We have only partnered with companies that are seemingly highly reputable and have been in the module development industry for an extended period of time. As such we provide purchase of these modules to your through our site in good faith that the companies we have partnered with are producing quality modules that work and achieve the results they were designed for. However, in your purchasing any software products through our site, you agree that Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd are not liable for any errors and/or omissions with regards feature lists and/or software descriptions, nor any damage or loss sustained through the use of any of our software, scripts, advice or services under any circumstances.

Should a software product not work to your satisfaction, or be found to be damaged or corrupted, on your behalf we will approach the module company and explain your circumstances however make no guarantee that this will result in your desired outcome. It is at the discretion of each module company how they action such client issues.

3rd party designed templates may have made use of stock photos for example purposes only. You may not have the legal rights to use those photos on your site within the template. We strongly recommend that you replace images in your template to avoid copyright issues in the future. Once you have purchased the template, the onus is on you to ensure you are not infringing copyright for images within the template.


Licencing Agreement: http://www.justxcart.com.au/xcart-license-agreement.html

X-Cart Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum / Next: No money back guarantee is offered on these products/services

X-Payments/X-Cart add-on Modules: If you are not satisfied with our products you have the unconditional right to claim and receive a refund within 30 days after the purchase date. No refund is available after 30 days. No moneyback is available for multi-license packages.

If a license had been purchased along with Technical support points the cancellation fee applies equal to the cost of TS points spent prior to cancellation request.

Special offers, which include more than one item and which are available for sale on particular occasions, are fully refunded, i.e. every item included is a subject to cancellation. Partial refunds for special offers are not issued.

No moneyback for related offers: additional licenses, multi-license packages, and other purchases on rebate.


Modules produced by developers other than X-Cart themselves, do not offer any refund or returns policy. All orders are final, there are no refunds, once a license has been given it can not be returned / refunded unless otherwise stated or our staff, at their discretion, think it is appropriate (such as the modification not working). Licenses are NOT transferable between sites, once a license for a domain is supplied the order is final. You should ensure your server is correctly set up to meet the minimum requirements stated. We cannot be held responsible for any "security" restrictions your host may have in place which disable standard features in PHP, unix or NT servers.


A license is only owned by you once payment has been cleared, any charge backs, bounced payments or other payment delays invalidate your rights of ownership until payment is settled.

All module/template developers are not to be held liable for any damage or loss sustained through the use of any of our software, scripts, advice or services under any circumstances.


Upon ordering of an integration built by us, the payment of your order confirms that you have understood the integration you are purchasing and payment for such integration is final and binding.

We guarantee that the integration we supply will function as they are intended to do. We undertake quality assurance and testing prior to confirming completion of each integration project. Beyond this point, once the project has been closed, should the integration have issues or cease to function, technical support services may be engaged at the clients expense to determine and rectify any issues.


If registering for an Afterpay account, by clicking “Register”, you acknowledge and accept Afterpay Terms.


Please see our separate Web Design Terms and Conditions page.


Once we have commenced the actual process of setting up your site, no refunds are available. However, until such time as we have received all information/images to commence the setup, should you change your mind, we do offer a refund on this service, less a 10% administration fee. Just X-Cart reserve the right at any time, for any reason whatsoever, to cancel provision of service, and should service/s have not yet commenced, a full refund of same will be offered back to the client.


Refunds are applicable to training provided the training session, once scheduled is cancelled within at least 2 working days prior to the date/time organised.


Once you have authorised us to acquire an SSL on your behalf, by way of completing required information during cart order process, and making payment for that order, no refunds are available. SSLs are paid for upfront for 12 months and are registered in the specific domain name you instruct. Such registration are non-transferable and as such no refunds can be offered.


At no time shall refunds on support and maintenance services be provided given the work will have been undertaken prior to your receiving our invoice.

Installations: A request to cancel Installation service order has to be submitted before our specialists start the installation procedure on your server. Moneyback does not apply if our specialist has already started the installation procedure. However, moneyback is available if our expertise determines that it is impossible to install the software in your server environment.


Custom Templates

50% of the fee paid for a custom template will be refunded if termination occurs after the artwork has been commenced but prior to the template construction being commenced. This is at the sole discretion of Just X-Cart Australia Pty Ltd.

Once template construction has been commenced (which will only occur after approval for the artwork has been given by you), no refund will be given.

Other Templates and Other fees: There are no refunds for any fees paid.


Unfortunately we are not able to refund our ‘Bundles and ‘Offers’ items given they have already been discounted and upon your ordering them you are accepting no refunds are due.

WARNING: Fake Just X-Cart Email

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