Mailchimp Patch

Mailchimp Patch

Version:4.5.5 and 4.6.0 onwards


X-Cart Store Version

Are you currently using the Mailchimp Integration module?

Mailchimp API 3.0 is now live and all prior versions won’t be supported starting from January 1st, 2017. So, make sure you update your Mailchimp integration modules as soon as possible.

If your store runs X-Cart 4, apply ‘x-mailchimp-adv-v3updates’ to your Mailchimp module from your helpdesk files area.

Currently, the package is available for versions 4.7.х, 4.6.х and 4.5.5. If your store runs an older X-Cart version, contact us

Alternately, we can apply the patch for you. Simply order online at: 


This update will not only switch the Mailchimp API from v2.0 to v3.0, but will also extend the module functionality, providing you with powerful marketing tools, such as emails automation and product recommendations. Let me tell you about the new features.

The integration module will send information on your customers’ purchasing activity to Mailchimp and based on the gathered information you can set automatic campaigns. i.e.:
- Just subscribed customer follow-ups
- Abandoned Cart single email or series of emails follow-ups;
- First purchase follow-up;
- Specific or any product purchase follow-up;

As for the Mailchimp Products Recommendations feature, it helps you to personalize emails to your customers. Just add a Product Recommendations block into the email template and based on the previous customer purchasing activity, Mailchimp will add products, that may be interesting to the email recipient, into that block. The information on this activity as well as on the recommended products is available in the subscribers’ profiles in Mailchimp.

Until next time, take care everyone! :)

Kind regards,
Nat, Owner, Just X-Cart Australia


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