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X-Cart Support Services

X-Cart Support Services

You are not alone - we are here for you and your business!

If you are an internet novice, have a fair understanding of the web, or are an online business guru, it can still be daunting getting an eCommerce site established, and then continuing to manage and maintain it.

We are here for the long-haul, we are variety of "after-sales" services to give you the confidence that assistance is only an email, helpdesk ticket or phone call away!


Let us be your support system to ensure a smooth day to day operation of your online store. Services applicable per store URL.

NormalRapid ResponseMonthlyAnnually
 $88.00$120.00$200 p/m$120 p/m
Support requests included11Unlimited*Unlimited*
Questions regarding store configuration
Technical diagnosis of store software/server
Assistance with minor template/design adjustments
Patch application *Click to purchase serviceClick to purchase serviceClick to purchase service
X-Payments support
Skype LiveChat
Security patches auditFree check - order here
X-Cart-built software installations*Purchase service here
Tech Support: Single Incident (standard)
Tech Support: Single Incident (rapid response)
$200 p/m
Tech Support: Single Incident (standard)
$120 p/m
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Single incident / 1 hour tech support
Usually same-day process for Rapid Response and within 1-3 days for standard technical support

Skype is utilised when communication in "real-time" will best meet the needs of resolving an issue most promptly. This will be assessed by our staff and should a Skype chat be needed, you will be asked to provide your Skype ID and we will organise a time mutually suitable for the chat.

* This support service cannot be used to replace full services offered such as Store Maintenance, Custom Development,  X-Cart Store setup, hourly Management Training or Site Analysis services. It if however there for clients to have free access via email to a Just X-Cart team member to answer questions as they arise and to assist with technical assistance of their store and hosting on an unlimited basis.

* X-Cart built software/module installations are at a limit of 3 per month. Service is for installation only and does not include the cost of the software/modules themselves - that is an additional cost. Software/modules developed by 3rd parties is no included.

* Patch application is limited to 2 patches per month however the check to determine total number of patches is included in the monthly fee.

Note: The monthly technical support service is designed for just that, technical support, issues, problems that need investigation. Only technical support of this nature is included in the monthly fee.


We offer a wide range of individual pay-as-you-go services to ensure that you have help at every turn when running your X-Cart store!

X-Cart Site Migration

Looking to move to Just X-Cart Australia hosting services, or want to leave your exist host for another provider? Let us do the moving for you to ensure your cart remains in tact and arrives safely and securely to our servers. Service includes doing a complete copy and transfer of all files and database associated with your X-Cart shopping cart. Basic functionality tests will also be performed.

X-Cart Site Migration

X-Cart Software and Add-on Module Installation

Having issues installing your X-Cart software or add-on modules. Take the stress out of hoping that you get it right. Let one of our experts efficiently and correctly install your X-Cart-related software for you.

X-Cart software installation

X-Cart Technical Support

Have an expert in X-Cart technical, software, development and admin area services at your disposal. Save yourself time and stress when managing your cart with Just X-Cart Technical Support Services. 

Technical Support

X-Cart Rapid Response

This service is a premium support service that is focused on the efficient response to questions and problems regardless of the time of day or night, whether it be a business day or the weekend. Turnaround time for answering of Rapid Response Support queries is not more than 24 hours, but most often within a matter of hours. Our focus is getting your issue resolved urgently. These rates are charged for urgent support required during business hours and for all support logged outside of our normal business hours, on weekends and on office or public holidays.

Rapid Response Technical Support

X-Cart Security Services

We offer a range of services pertaining to the security of your online store including application of security patches, doing security audit on your site, undertaking a complete scan and clean of hacked sites, and investigations of carts where potential security breaches may have occurred. You can deploy additional security on your X-Cart yourself by configuring User Control Access and Protected Mode

X-Cart Security Services

X-Cart Software Management Training

Via Skype or over the telephone we offer comprehensive store management training so that cart owners can feel confident that they understand the basic fundamentals of effectively and efficiently running their online business day-to-day.

X-Cart Training

X-Cart Store Maintenance

Too busy doing what you do best? Why not allow us to assist manage your cart for you with our X-Cart Maintenance Services. Whether it be updating products, doing image editing so that customers can update their own products, preparing HTML for use through the integrated New Management system, or just adding additional content to the site, Just X-Cart can assist you.

X-Cart Store Maintenance

X-Cart Site Analysis

This service will assist you to identify any noticeable problems with your X-Cart site that could be affecting your customers shopping experience, cart usability etc. Further to this we will recommend enhancements and add-ons that may assist both your customers and your admin management. You will be provided with a comprehensive report with comments, recommendations and screenshots where applicable.

X-Cart Site Analysis


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